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Behind the making of the first tablet — Razer Edge — designed to meet the demands of PC gamers.

Behind the making of the first tablet — Razer Edge — designed to meet the demands of PC gamers.

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An Ultrabook playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, demonstrated in an Intel performance lab by a former high end desktop engineer turned tablet tweaker turned…

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Video from iRacingTV.

From our story “Putting the “I” in Indy 500 Auto Race" Race it before you watch it, a look at the tech and fans @iRacing.

Today, auto racing fans and real-life professional drivers are stepping into the virtual world of simulated racing, and are able to experience the world’s best racetracks in a virtual world that Szebeni claims is within two millimeters of the real track.

"Racers feel the excitement of really racing on the historic Indianapolis Motor Speedway," he said. "iRacing.com members can feel the rubber gripping every curve and the acceleration on every straightaway. You can even feel bumps in the road that are actually on the Indy 500 track," he said.

Szebeni said “iRacing’s” virtual racetracks are modeled after real racetracks using hordes of data collected from laser scans, not GPS like many other auto racing games. He said his team spent over a week scanning the 2 ½-mile oval track at Indianapolis.

"It’s an expensive, laborious task, but authenticity is what it’s all about, all based on real world data," said Szebeni.

A motorized orb with a laser inside is fastened atop of tripod, which the iRacing.com engineers moved up and down the race track, collecting millions and millions of points to create what Szebeni calls a “Point Cloud.” The laser orb scans 360 degrees, then is moved ahead a few feet and scans again, capturing the racing surface and surrounding area. Digital artists map texture onto the point cloud using photos and graphics.

"This is not an artist’s rendition but a real digital replication of the race track," said Szebeni. "That is what we do, and same goes for the cars, which are all modeled from officially sanctioned CAD data, and some cars are even designed from laser scans."

Intel’s demo guy and auto-racing aficionado Don Bowden demonstrates the immersive Indy racing experience on iRacing.com.  A “Virtual Indy 500” will feature fans across the world racing in a full-length Indianapolis 500 on the PC simulation seen here.This video accompanies the story: Putting the “I” in Indy 500 Auto Race — Race it before you watch it.  A look at the tech and fans behind iRacing.