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Cars Getting Smarter (by IntelFreePress)

Joint efforts by automakers and the tech industry are bringing mobile Internet experiences to new cars.

Because more cars are connecting to the Internet, drivers can get real-time, location-based services that share traffic information or stock updates while cruising down the road. Staci Palmer, general manager of the automotive solutions division at Intel, said that about 40 percent of the estimated 80 million cars shipped in 2012 had some form of in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) system. She expects that by 2020, that rate will reach 75 percent, or around 85 million IVI systems, which run computer applications for entertainment, information or Internet connectivity. This includes dashboard navigation systems, rear-seat entertainment system for playing movies or games and small devices that connect the car to local area or wide area wireless networks, allowing consumers to bring into the car mobile devices that could be safely controlled through voice commands. She said it’s essential for automakers to design these applications and services for safe driving experiences, removing distractions so drivers can stay focused on the safety of operating the car.