Rise of Data Scientists

Big data is a buzzword. I’m glad it exists because it makes people more interested in what we do. There’s an enormous amount of value to be had out of data. Ten years ago those decisions were made on gut feel and intuition and now we’ve had fabulous case studies both in business — I think of Tesco and the advent of the loyalty card as probably the most prominent business case study. There’s also the case study of the Oakland A’s and “Moneyball,” and another on predicting election outcomes. I think all of this comes to demonstrate why basing decisions on data leads to much better decisions than just relying on gut instinct.

— Kaggle founder and CEO Anthony Goldbloom

Data is playing a bigger role in business decisions, and with the tremendous rise in amounts of data being collected today there is a growing need for data scientists to help companies make sense of it all, according to Anthony Goldbloom, founder and CEO of Kaggle, a company that organizes competitions that rank top data scientists from around the world and then helps them connect with companies which want to put their skills to work.

Full story: A Marketplace for Data Scientists

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